Uncle Charlie's


Tune in to Sam Choy's show on July 10th, 6:30 pm. on KHNL TV Channel 8 for the biggest laulau in history! It was 50 pounds and I named it "Uncle Charlie's 50 lb. Bumbucha Laulau." Here's the recipe and a some pictures of Sam and me, along with Steve Still, General Manager of Maui Ocean Center, and my grandson Kamalani Kamalii, in 12 Grade at Kamehameha School (below).

Sam Choy & Uncle Charlie

25 lbs. beef (stew meat)
25 lbs. pork (Boston Butt)
1 whole salt salmon (soaked in water to remove salt)
1 whole butter fish (soaked in water to remove salt)
10 lbs. luau (taro leaf)
About 2 lbs. Hawaiian Salt
5 bunches ti leaf (for wrapping)
Heavy duty tin foil (for wrapping)
Thick material for wrapping laulau (Muslin)


Cut stew meat in chunk sizes. Do the same with pork.
Clean the luau leaf (taro leaf) by peeling off "skin".
Spread out material placing tin foil on top.
Place of luau leaf in center.
Salt (Hawaiian) meat and pork. (Make sure meat and pork is well coated)

Place meat in center on luau leaf, then pork on top of meat.
Place the remainder of luau leaf on top of pork.
Place salmon on large ti leaf (3 leaves for good luck). Wrap in tin foil.
Do it with butterfish.
Cover with remaining ti leaf, then tie the ends of material together, forming a large "bundle".
Place in large pot with a rack on the bottom. Fill bottom of pot with 4 to 6 in. of water.

Cook on high fire until water comes to a boil, turn fire to low. Cook for 8 to 14 hours, making sure that there is enough water in pot at all times.

After cooking remove from pot and let drain for an hour, before serving. Feeds 10 hungry Hawaiians or 100 haoles.

Amounts can be reduced to fit pot.

Sam Choy, Uncle Charlie, Steve Still and Kamalani Kamalii

Ho`iho`i Mai