The ocean is the shark's home, not a human habitat

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Monday, April 26, 2004

The writer of the April 20 letter "Sharks should be hunted out of Hawaii waters" displays an ignorance about the natural occurrences in the ocean and a "kill everything that harms you" mentality of the human race. Drunken driving and speeding kills; should we then kill everyone who drinks and drives and speeds down the highway? After all, there are more accidents on the highway from drunken driving and speeding than there are shark attacks. I am a member of a state Shark Task Force. We have been monitoring all shark attacks that occurred in Hawaii. Studies have shown that after a shark attack, the responsible sharks move on and do not linger in the area.

Humans do not belong in the ocean and if they go swimming, surfing and enjoy other ocean activities, they should know the risk and realize that the ocean is not a bathtub and that many things in the ocean can harm you, including the ocean itself.

Be thankful that humans are not a food source for sharks. If we were, shark attacks would occur daily. Leave them alone. They belong in the ocean.

Charles K. Maxwell Sr.

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